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Stainless Steel Air Shower

KWANG PURIFICATION CO., LTD can provide cleanroom air shower turnkey solution to our customers in various industries, such as pharmaceutical, micro-electronics, laboratory, hospital, food processing, etc. from design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, validation to after-sales services. We Have More Than 10 Years Of Experience Producing And Manufacturing Stainless Steel Air Shower, Rolling Door Air Shower, Sliding Door Air Shower, Cargo Air Shower, Non-standard Air Shower, etc.

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With more than 10 years of experience in the air showers, Kwang offers cost-effective and valued engineered solutions for cleanroom air showers. We take pride in our great and helpful service with innovative solutions to tackle any job. With many projects successfully completed, we have the knowledge and ability to provide you with the best product every time. In addition to quality, we also provide the best prices. Our mission is to give you the best price and the highest quality possible.


We provide you with a wide selection of cleanroom air showers in many different designs, sizes, and functions. Our products are manufactured for a variety of purposes and applications, including accessories and customization possibilities.


Let us assist! We provide all the tools you need for your business. Unlike other air showers, Kwang air showers are designed to be attractive and last a lifetime. To get started, you can request a price estimate or visit us to check out our inventory in person.


Ask us about the projects we have completed for our previous customers to get an idea for your very own custom air showers installation. Some of our previous work might give you inspiration before starting on your own project.

General Air Shower

General Air Shower

The General Air Shower is a necessary purification equipment from the non-clean area to the clean area, playing a role in isolating the buffer air and blowing the use of shower.

Single Person Air Shower
Double Person Air Shower
Multi Person Air Shower Channel
Automatic Door Air shower
Uninterrupted Access Air Shower

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Cargo Air Shower

Cargo Air Shower is specialized antechamber which personnel and cargoes need to pass through before entering clean rooms in order to decontaminate. Decontamination is done by clearing off dust and dirt particles from personnel and cargoes to minimize contamination of equipment or products.

Manual Double Door Cargo Air Shower
Automatic Sliding Door Cargo Air Shower
Fast Rolling Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower
Automobile Coating Line Cargo Air Shower
Assembly Line Cargo Air Shower
Air Shower + Off-duty Passage

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Cargo Air Shower
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Non-standard Air Shower

According the layout of the workshop, some clients may need the Non-standard Air Shower, it can save the area and install in the corner of the workshop and we also have 3 doors air shower. Kwang accept customized function, size, and door opening style.

Access Control Card Air Shower
Spray Water Air Shower
Explosion-proof Air Shower
Corner Air Shower
Anti-static Air Shower
Electric Heating Air Shower

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Material Classification

We have a wide range of air showers available for customers to choose from, depending on the environment in which they are used.

Steel Plate Paint Air Shower
Inner Stainless Steel Air Shower
Color Steel Plate Air Shower
All Stainless Steel Air Shower

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Air shower classification by material

Air Shower Accessories

A comprehensive analysis of the composition of the air shower room and accessories, so that users have an in-depth understanding of the air shower room to facilitate the use and maintenance.

Air Shower Control System
Air Shower Electric Lock
Air Shower Nozzle
Air Filter
Fast Rolling Shutter Door
Automatic Induction Sliding Door

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Air Shower Accessories


Every Air Shower Solution client will receive a free quote. This means if you are interested in one of our air showers, you’ll receive an estimate with total transparency. To get exact details on how much it will cost to install one of our cleanroom air showers, give us a call, or visit our location and see what we can do for you.

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