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Air shower customization process

Air shower customization process
Contact and communicate to clarify needs
Determine the equipment style, color, function, size, material, quantity, etc.
Air shower customization process
Quotation and contract signing
Filling, tax included, packaging, freight, installation (finished product transportation or on-site installation)
Air shower customization process
Sample confirmation, customer orders
Customers can go to the sample area of our factory to confirm, or remotely confirm through video and pictures
Air shower customization process
Delivery on schedule, start after-sales
After the products are delivered on schedule, our factory can start after-sales tracking, quality assurance services, etc.
Air shower customization process
Delivery on schedule, after-sales service
Once the product has been delivered on schedule, our factory will be able to start after-sales tracking and warranty services.

We have extensive experience in the Cleanroom Air Shower business and can accommodate any air shower to your needs. We like to go above and beyond to help you and instruct you of the most cost effective solution for your next project. With that being said, we offer an immense amount of additional services at no cost once you purchase an air shower from us. Below you can see the added services we provide when you buy from us.

Quick Turnaround on Proposals

We can provide you a written proposal within 24 hours of your request submission. All we ask is that you give us your email, zip code and type of air shower you are looking for. We provide you a price inclusive of shipping to your location. In order to get the best price it is recommended to ship the air showers to a commercial location preferably with a forklift or any heavy equipment to unload the items. Get a Free Estimate Today.

Competitive Pricing

We have done most of the research so you do not have to. We have some of the most competitive prices in the industry when it comes to Stainless Steel Air Shower, Rolling Door Air Shower, Sliding Door Air Shower, Cargo Air Shower, Non-standard Air Shower and Other Purification Products. We are so sure that our prices are the best that we can price match any competitors price.

Designer Consultants

With many years in the industry and many jobs successfully completed we have the capabilities and knowledge to help you get the most out of your money. We can recommend different products based on your needs and geographic location. We can advise on what products to use based on UL fire Ratings and Local building Codes.We have a solution for each application.

Site Specific Drawing Based on Your Purchase

We provide you with a site specific shop drawings of our product with exact dimensions, metal thickness, head room and side room requirements to match your opening. The drawing helps avoid any possible mistakes and ensures your air shower will fit properly every time. We understand that each job and project is different.These drawings are very helpful as they provide all the key sizes needed before you order our products. No mistakes means you will get the air shower you need.

Kwang to customize


More than 15 years of dedicated purification equipment research and development and production experience. New imported equipment, all products have passed GB-T19001/ISO9001 quality management system certification Customized products are widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, microelectronics, optical fiber and cable, precision machinery, biopharmaceuticals, food and beverage, aerospace and many other fields. A complete customization system, from mold development, casting molding, CNC machining to one of the customization capabilities.


Non-traditional patchwork welding method, using machine automatic integrated bending forming, the overall appearance is beautiful and generous, the product is finely crafted, the surface is smooth and flat, the grinding is meticulous, there is no welding point, and there is no dead angle treatment process. Each type of customized product is designed by a senior CAD mold engineer, and the single-line dispatcher is responsible for the production supervision of quality and size. According to different products, the factory has set up production workshops in different regions and equipped with professional dust-free inventory rooms to ensure timely supply.


Wuxi Kwang has more than 15 years of experience in the R&D and production of professional cleaning equipment. The pass rate of product quality is 100%, and about 99.5% meet customer customization needs. Through the unremitting efforts of the R&D team of Easy Purification, the company has a variety of invention patents for cleaning products so far. Has a variety of utility model patent certificates, etc. The company now has R&D department, design department, engineering department, equipment department, hydropower group, and monitoring and analysis group, consisting of more than 186 personnel, directly led by the deputy general manager, with a stable composition and rich experience in related fields.


Regular service tracking and maintenance, equipment technical support, and maintaining cooperative relations. The company provides an after-sales hotline and a contact number for equipment maintenance specialists to ensure 7*24 fault support. Provide telephone, video support and other services. Respond based on regional or surrounding agents and service points.

Partial Overseas Project CasesOur Projects

Air Shower For Food Industry
Air Shower For Food Industry
Air Shower For Electronic Factory
Air Shower For Electronic Factory
Air Shower For Automobile Industry
Air Shower For Automobile Industry
Air shower For Biological Pharmacy
Air shower For Biological Pharmacy

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