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Air Shower Maintenance

  • 2023-12-05
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How to install and maintain the air shower is a matter of concern to every enterprise that uses the air shower. The author has been engaged in the air shower industry for many years, so I will discuss and share with you here.

1. For the air shower equipment that has been installed, do not move it arbitrarily or connect it to electricity without permission; if it is necessary to move it, it must be guided by a professional from the air shower manufacturer Normal operation of the shower room.

2. Do not hit the indoor and outdoor panels of the air shower with hard objects to avoid scratches.

3. The door magnetic switch and electric mortise lock are installed in the middle of the door frame of the air shower room and the electric lock panel screws can be opened for maintenance and inspection.

4. Power switch. Usually, there are four places in the air shower to cut off the power supply: 1. The power switch of the outdoor box of the air shower; 2. The control panel of the box inside the air shower; The power switch can prevent the power from being cut off in an emergency, effectively improving the personal safety of the staff). When the power indicator light is off, you may wish to recheck the power supply of the above four air shower rooms.

5. When the air shower fan is not working. When the air shower is not working, check whether the emergency switch of the air shower outdoor box is cut off at the first time. If it is sure that it is cut off, press it lightly with your hand, turn it to the right and let go.

6. If the fan in the air shower is reversed or the wind speed in the air shower is very low, please be sure to check whether the 380V three-phase four-wire line is reversed. Generally, the air shower manufacturer will have a special electrician to connect the wires when it leaves the factory; If the line source of the air shower is connected, the fan in the air shower will not work or the wind speed of the air shower will decrease if the air shower is reversed. In severe cases, the circuit board of the entire air shower will be burned; as an air shower manufacturer, we recommend Enterprises using the air shower should not lightly replace the wiring. If it is determined to move due to production needs, please consult the air shower manufacturer for solutions.

7. The air shower does not blow. In addition to the above three points, it is also necessary to check whether the emergency stop button inside the air shower is pressed. If the emergency stop button is colored, the air shower will not blow; To press the emergency stop button again, it can work normally.

8. When the air shower cannot automatically sense the blowing, please check the light sensor system in the lower right corner of the box in the air shower to see if the light sensor is installed correctly. shower.

9. When the air shower is used for a period of time and the wind speed is very low, please check whether the primary and high-efficiency filters of the air shower have accumulated too much dust, and if so, please replace the filter. (The primary filter of the air shower is generally replaced within 1-6 months, and the high-efficiency filter of the air shower is generally replaced within 6-12 months).

10. Entering the door (from the outside to the inside): Open the direction of the air shower door the inner door is energized and interlocked, the light of the air shower room is on, and the outer door is closed, the system will give a voice prompt: People or objects enter the sensing area, when the system When someone or something in the sensing area is detected, the system automatically enters the shower program: the inner and outer doors are automatically locked, the fan starts to start the air shower, and the system starts counting down within the predetermined time, and the system restores after the shower is completed. The photoelectric switch is installed under the main box of the air shower. If it needs to be replaced, it must first be disassembled in the direction of the return air filter (orifice plate).

11. Check the initial effect filter and high efficiency filter of the air shower to check whether the primary filter is blocked. The filter element of the air shower is the same as the car filter element. If it is blocked, it will also affect the wind speed. The initial effect can be cleaned about 3-5 times. If it is high-efficiency blockage, it can only be replaced. At present, according to experience, the high-efficiency filter needs to be replaced once every two years. Similarly, some high-end air shower products will install a differential pressure gauge to monitor the damage and blockage of the high-efficiency filter.

Use And Maintenance Of Air Shower

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