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Air Shower Price Description

  • 2023-12-06
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Air shower price description, how to choose the right air shower

Since the air shower is a specific industrial purification equipment, the average user will rarely contact it in daily work and life, and because the purification product is an emerging industry, many customers are new to products such as air shower equipment so for Little is known about the performance, price, model selection, brand, etc. of air shower equipment. Because of unfamiliarity, consumers are often at a loss when purchasing equipment, and do not know how to start.


According to the author's several years of experience in the industry, the main performance of the air shower is now described, and at the same time, the selection of the air shower and the issues that should be paid attention to during the purchase process are introduced to consumers, hoping to help consumers choose The air shower is helpful to avoid the wrong purchase of equipment due to falling into a blind spot, thus laying hidden dangers for future use and maintenance.

Air shower selection reference:

The selection of the air shower is mainly based on the actual number of people in the customer's production workshop. Usually, if there are less than 15 people, choose a single person; if there are about 30-40 people, choose a double air shower; if 50-80 people Left or right, you need to choose an air shower room with a length of more than 3-4 meters. If the number of people is more than 100 or even more, then it will be necessary to choose an air shower room with a length of more than five or six meters or an uninterrupted flow, so as to ensure the rapid passage of personnel during working hours to the greatest extent, and avoid the high concentration of personnel during peak hours. Detention, which causes workers to wait too long and cause restlessness.

The main material classification of the air shower room:

The material of the air shower is mainly divided into cold-rolled steel plate baking paint, inner stainless steel, and no stainless steel air shower which is the mainstream material of the current air shower; of course, there are still some air showers made of color steel plate on the market, color steel plate The air shower is a popular practice earlier, and it is mainly used in the overall project installation. Because the color steel plate is easy to install, the material is cheap, and it is consistent with the overall project, it has won the reliance of the installation company. However, with the frequent use of users and improper use of employees, the structure of the color steel air shower room is not strong, the door frame is easy to deform, and the door lock is easy to get stuck and other problems have gradually emerged. At present, the market has gradually eliminated the color steel plate air shower room.


From the material to shoddy to reduce the cost of the product:

Generally speaking, steel plate air showers can do less work, because the price of steel plates is similar, and at most some work can be done on the thickness, but there is not much room for cost savings. The real impact on the price of the air shower is the stainless steel air shower. Due to the high cost of stainless steel, the overall cost of the air shower has been raised. Many users often don’t pay much attention to product quotations or details such as product configurations when purchasing and consulting prices (there are also many manufacturers who deliberately make quotations relatively simple in order to confuse consumers), and often only pay attention to The price of the product. At present, some unscrupulous merchants in the market will confuse the stainless steel model. Generally, the model of the air shower room is generally better to use the food-grade special SUS304 stainless steel model. However, there are currently many manufacturers on the market that mainly promote 201 stainless steel. 201 stainless steel is also called stainless steel, which is easy to rust in humid or salty air.

Changing from the thickness of the material affects the quality of the product

Many merchants like to make a fuss about the thickness and change thick plates into thin materials during production. They often adopt high standards when quoting and low standards when producing. For example, stainless steel materials should use 1.2mm thickness or more in terms of quality in the industry at present, but in reality, many manufacturers use 1.0, and even some non-professional manufacturers in Shandong use 0.7-0.8mm stainless steel for production, which is thinner The air shower room made of high-quality stainless steel plate is prone to deformation and other failures after slight collision and long-term door opening and closing force. Therefore, consumers must sign a technical agreement with the manufacturer when selecting a model, and measure and accept it according to the actual thickness.

Start with the configuration of the product to reduce the required configuration

It has become a common method for many unscrupulous manufacturers in the purification industry to reduce the necessary configuration of products because customers do not understand. 2 sets of high-efficiency filters, but in order to save costs, many manufacturers use a single fan to blow on one side, reducing the number of filters, which can greatly save the cost of the product. As a result, the quality of the product is greatly reduced.

The electrical components of the air shower room use inferior components

The most critical parts of the air shower should be the control electrical appliances and door locks of the air shower, which is the key to the quality of the air shower. Due to the frequent use of the air shower, the quality of the locks, electrical appliances, and infrared probes will determine the stability of the air shower. If it is a formal enterprise, air shower control appliances will often choose foreign brands or domestic first-class stable brands, while some small manufacturers often save costs pervasively, even if it is a photoelectric with tens of yuan, they will choose the cheapest one, including door locks , door contact, relay, thermal relay protector, air switch, etc. are all key components of the air shower control electrical appliances. Inferior components often bury hidden dangers for the stable operation of the air shower.

According to the above author's elaboration and analysis, the main components of the price of the air shower are three major parts, one is the internal and external frame structure materials of the air shower; the second is the power fan and filter of the air shower; the third is the control electrical appliances of the air shower And door locks; so consumers can choose brand parts and necessary product configurations according to the composition of these three parts. When choosing, try to choose professional manufacturers and choose the most suitable air shower products for them.

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