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Description Of Wind Speed For Air Shower

  • 2023-12-06
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Description of wind speed for air shower

So far, there are no specific national standards for air showers, and there are also no industry standards. Some professional manufacturers will have their own corporate standards, and most small and medium-sized manufacturers are based on their own experience and imitation of their peers. The production and improvement of equipment are in progress. This uneven development has resulted in many non-standard parts of the equipment, which has caused great troubles for users in use and maintenance. This article preliminarily discusses the issue of wind speed in the air shower.

Air shower wind speed standard, according to the relevant specifications (specifically, it should be the clean room specification, you can look it up in Baidu library) stipulates that it must be >18M/S, which is only the relevant specification of the clean room, not the country of the air shower room or industry standards. However, according to the author's understanding of industry manufacturers, this wind speed is relatively low, and it is also unacceptable to ordinary customers. At present, the wind speed of the air shower produced by most manufacturers in the market is above 20m/s, the normal standard is above 25m/s, and some can reach 28 or even 3025m/s. In fact, the wind speed is not as big as possible, but it is definitely not enough if it is too small. It is generally recommended to be above 25 m/s.


According to industry rules, in order to save costs, some manufacturers generally reduce the number of fans and filters, such as changing double-sided fans to single-sided fans, or simply increasing the number and power of fans without increasing the number and power The number of nozzles makes customers mistakenly think that the more nozzles, the better the effect, but it is not. Generally, according to the conventional purification centrifugal fan on the market, a single 0.55kw fan is better equipped with 6-8 nozzles. A 0.75kw fan can be equipped with 8-10 nozzles. This is already the upper limit. But in the industry, especially some small enterprises, they often use single-sided fans and three-sided blowers. Sometimes a small fan needs to drive 18 nozzles. With such a number of configurations, the wind speed of the air shower room must not meet the standard. Yes, often after customers buy it back, they feel that the wind speed is too small and it becomes a decoration.

Therefore, it is recommended that customers pay attention to the configuration of the air shower when purchasing an air shower. First, the number of fans, second, the number of high-efficiency nozzles, and third, the number of nozzle configurations. Only when the number of fans and nozzles match can the effect be guaranteed. Relatively good wind speed.

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