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Replacement Of Air Shower Filter

  • 2023-12-04
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The primary filter and high-efficiency filter are the guarantee of the filtration efficiency of the air shower and they are also vulnerable and consumable parts in the air shower. Correct use and maintenance of the primary high-efficiency filter will greatly improve the use of the air shower Life, and at the same time, the performance of the air shower room can be brought into play to the best effect.

The following will introduce in detail the performance characteristics, specifications and dimensions of the primary high-efficiency filter, and how to maintain it.

(1) Primary effect non-woven filter cotton or primary effect damping net (cleanable)

Because Yixiu usually only filters dust above 5 microns, and the efficiency is about 45%, this kind of primary effect is generally made of non-woven fabric or damping net, and this type of primary effect can be cleaned. Generally, it can be cleaned once every 3-6 months; it must be replaced after 4-5 times;

The initial effect size is generally: 600*350*10 or 900*350*10 are common;

(2) High-efficiency filter (only replaceable)

Due to the high precision of the high-efficiency filter, the dust particle size that needs to be filtered is usually about 0.3-0.5 microns. The material of the high-efficiency filter paper is glass fiber paper. Like the car filter element, this type of filter element can only be replaced after it is blocked and cannot be cleaned.

Regular size: 600*600*120, 600*600*70; standard size;

820*600*120, 820*600*70; non-standard size;

Of course, different sizes may have different specifications and sizes, so when purchasing an air shower, you must pay attention to choosing the correct manufacturer. Standard spare parts will save you a lot of trouble in the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment in the future.

Use And Maintenance Of Air Shower

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