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What Are the Different Types of Air Showers

  • 2023-12-17
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Air showers are specialized devices used in cleanroom environments to remove contaminants, such as dust and particles, from personnel and objects before entering the controlled area. They are crucial in maintaining the cleanliness and sterility of the cleanroom. There are several different types of air showers designed to meet specific requirements. Below are some common types of air showers:

What Are the Different Types of Air Showers

Single-Person Air Showers:

Single-person air showers are compact units designed to accommodate one person at a time. When an individual enters the air shower, high-velocity jets of filtered air are released from multiple nozzles to remove contaminants from the person's body and clothing. This type of air shower is commonly used in laboratories and small cleanroom facilities.

Double-Person Air Showers:

Double-person air showers are larger units that can accommodate two people simultaneously. They are ideal for areas with higher foot traffic and where multiple personnel need to access the cleanroom at the same time. The Double-person air shower offers the same functionality as the single-person version, providing efficient decontamination.

Pass-Through Air Showers:

Pass-through air showers are installed as entryways between cleanrooms or between cleanrooms and non-controlled areas. They are designed to decontaminate objects and materials before they enter the cleanroom, ensuring that only properly cleaned items are allowed inside. Pass-through air showers are commonly used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and semiconductor industries.

Tunnel Air Showers:

Tunnel air showers are more extensive versions of pass-through air showers and are often used in large-scale cleanroom facilities. They consist of a long tunnel-like structure that personnel and materials pass through to receive thorough decontamination Tunnel air showers are highly efficient in maintaining cleanliness in high-capacity cleanroom environments.

High-Speed Air Showers:

High-speed air showers are equipped with powerful air jets that can reach higher velocities, providing rapid decontamination in a shorter time. These air showers are suitable for cleanrooms with a high number of personnel entering and exiting, as they reduce the waiting time for decontamination.

Customized Air Showers:

Some cleanroom facilities require specialized air showers designed to meet specific needs Customized air showers may have unique configurations, dimensions, or additional features tailored to the cleanroom's requirements.

In all types of air showers, the air used for decontamination is filtered through high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to ensure that the released air is clean and free from contaminants. Proper maintenance and regular filter replacements are essential to maintain the effectiveness of air showers and uphold the cleanliness of the cleanroom environment.


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