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Steel Air Shower,Antistatic Air Shower

Author:Kwang Air Shower Release time:2023-11-16 10:29:01

Steel Air Shower

A steel air shower is a contamination control system constructed with steel materials to withstand the rigors of industrial and manufacturing environments. These air showers are designed for the decontamination of personnel or materials before they enter controlled areas.

Steel air showers feature high-velocity, filtered air to effectively remove particles and contaminants. They are commonly used in industries where durability, contamination control, and efficient decontamination are priorities.

These systems are ideal for applications where a robust construction is required to ensure contamination control in industrial settings.

Antistatic Air Shower

An antistatic air shower is a specialized type of air shower designed to address the unique requirements of industries where electrostatic discharge (ESD) poses a significant risk. These air showers are essential for environments where sensitive electronic components or flammable materials are present.

Antistatic air showers are constructed with materials and features that minimize the buildup and discharge of static electricity. The interior surfaces and flooring are designed to dissipate electrostatic charges safely. The high-velocity, filtered air used in the decontamination process also helps to remove static charge from individuals and materials.

These systems maintain the same decontamination effectiveness as traditional air showers while offering enhanced protection against ESD. They are valuable in industries such as electronics manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication, and chemical laboratories where maintaining a static-free environment is critical.

Difference Between Cargo Shower Room and Air Shower

The difference between a cargo shower room and an air shower lies in their primary purpose and application. Both are contamination control systems, but they serve distinct functions and are used for different types of decontamination.

An air shower is designed to decontaminate individuals, materials, or equipment before they enter controlled environments, such as cleanrooms, laboratories, or production areas. It employs high-velocity, filtered air to remove particles and contaminants from the surfaces of individuals or objects.

On the other hand, a cargo shower room is specifically designed to decontaminate larger items or cargo, such as equipment, materials, or products. These rooms are equipped with high-velocity, filtered air to cleanse the surfaces of the cargo before it enters controlled environments.

While both systems aim to prevent contamination, an air shower targets personnel and smaller objects, while a cargo shower room is intended for larger items and materials. The choice between the two depends on the specific contamination control needs of the facility and the types of items or individuals requiring decontamination.

Air Shower Standard Size

The air shower standard size refers to the typical dimensions and specifications of air shower systems designed to accommodate individuals and materials for decontamination. While air showers can be customized, there are common standard sizes that align with industry norms and requirements.

The standard size parameters typically include the dimensions of the air shower enclosure, the height and width of the entry and exit doors, and the space available within the system for personnel and materials. These sizes are designed to ensure that the air shower can effectively remove particles and contaminants from individuals and materials.

Standard air shower sizes are suitable for a broad range of industries and facility layouts. They provide a foundation for contamination control while offering flexibility for customization when specific requirements need to be met.

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